Taka Michinoku vs. Pantera from WWF 1998

Originally reviewed here.

WWF No Way Out
February 15, 1998

Taka Michinoku© vs. Pantera [WWF Light Heavyweight Championship]
Brian Christopher came down to the ring before the match and joined his father and Jim Ross on commentary.

Pantera hit a very early tope con hilo. Taka came back with his double-jump plancha. Pantera came back and hit a tope suicida that drove Taka into a guardrail. Pantera worked Taka over that after this and went after the back. Pantera hit a tope con hilo. It was basically a running senton though, as Taka was lying down on the floor. Pantera went back to working Taka over. Taka avoided a moonsault and then made a comeback. Taka’s back was not in great shape, but he pulled off the Michinoku Driver: 1…2…3!

Brian Christopher went to jump Taka after the match. Jerry tried to hold him back. Taka hit them with a plancha and then had to run away through the crowd.

Rock-solid match. They did not have a ton of heat, but they did enough cool stuff with a sound structure (the work on Taka’s back) to keep be interested and entertained.
Match Rating: ***


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