The Undertaker vs. Vader from WWF 1997

July 6, 1997
Calgary, Alberta

Originally reviewed here.

This was for Taker’s WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Neither guy could get control for more than a minute or two for a while. Taker was working with great energy here, and he even hit a diving lariat. Vader eventually took Taker down, and Paul then hit him repeatedly with his shoe. Vader proceeded to work him over. Taker was fighting back, but Vader just nailed him in the balls. Vader called for the Vader bomb, but Taker punched him in the balls. Chokeslam: 1…2…NO! A second chokeslam: 1…2…NO! TOMBSTONE: 1…2…3!

Holy shit, this was even better than I remembered. Before 2006, I don’t think Undertaker was consistently good at all. In fact, I found the great majority of his matches that I have seen to be boring. Part of the problem was the quality of opponent of course. With someone as great at Vader, it was clear Taker was motivated to work his ass off and sell enough to make it believable that he could lose.

Match Rating: ****1/4


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