Leif Cassidy vs. Marc Mero from WWF 1997

February 16, 1997
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Originally reviewed here.

Cassidy went after Mero’s left leg. This went on for a long time. He even applied the figure four on the correct leg. Bonus points. Cassidy started going after Sable, and that allowed Mero to catch Cassidy with a tope suicida. Mero made a comeback. He hit a Samoan Drop and then finished him with a Shooting Star Press.

After sitting through leg work met with silence for what seemed like forever, I really appreciated the victim of that work hitting a dive and a shooting star press in his comeback. Leif was okay here. He couldn’t get the crowd to care, but he had a good idea of how to work the match. Mero was terrible.

Match Rating: *1/2


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