Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Vader from WWF 1997

February 16, 1997
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Originally reviewed here.

This was for the vacant WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Shawn Michaels vacated the title the week before. The rules are you can be eliminated in all the traditional ways plus by going over the top rope.

Taker and Vader squared off, and Austin and Bret squared off. That lasted a few minutes. All four guys continued to go back and forth in various pairings. Vader’s face was very busted open. It took a while, but things started to get serious. Austin kicked out of Bret’s piledriver. Taker avoided Vader’s moonsault. They went back to the back-and-forth brawling. Bret finally managed to dump Austin to the floor for the very first elimination of the match. Bearer hit Taker with the urn on the floor. Vader took off his mask for some reason. Bret hit Vader with a superplex! Bret then applied the sharpshooter, but Taker made the save for some stupid reason. Austin returned to brawl with Bret. Vader went for the Vader Bomb on Taker, but Taker just punched him in the crotch and that sent Vader to the floor. Chokeslam to Bret! Taker went to Tombstone, but Austin foolishly tried to pull Bret down to eliminate him. All that did was save Bret from the tombstone. Bret then sent Taker to the floor to win the belt.

This was solid for sure, but it was not as fun as I remembered. The brawling was very repetitive and started lose its impact after a while. I appreciate the match for being such a unique main event in WWF/E history, and it’s worth watching for that reason if nothing else.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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