Bart Gunn, Flash Funk & Goldust vs. The Nation Of Domination (Crush, Faarooq & Savio Vega) from WWF 1997

February 16, 1997
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Originally reviewed here.

Jerry Lawler burying Bill Dundee’s son on commentary was a nice touch.

The babyfaces had the early advantage. Funk hit the prettiest plancha. Funk ended up getting cut off and then worked over. Gunn made the very poor hot tag. The match broke down. Gunn hit Faarooq with a diving bulldog, but Crush then hit a legdrop on his head: 1….2…3

No one looked good here except for Funk. He provided enough entertainment to make this passable-ish, but the execution was lacking everywhere else in this one.

Match Rating: **

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