Eddy Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko from ECW 1995

Originally reviewed here.

ECW Hardcore TV
July 21, 1995

Eddy Guerrero(c) vs. Dean Malenko [ECW Television Championship]
They went back and forth for a while. Eddy finally got the advantage by going after Dean’s left leg. Dean quickly came back by going after Eddy’s midsection. Eddy came back by going after Dean’s back. He hit the frog splash for a nearfall. They traded a bunch of nearfalls, which seemed tonally off with the rest of the match. They spilled to the floor, but that didn’t go anywhere. They traded more nearfalls. They did a great pinning combination trading sequence that Malenko eventually got the better of to win back the title.

The first half of the match was cool and well-done. I thought they got away from that too much in the second half, and the match just became about trading moves. It was a fun match overall, but I expected more based on the first eight minutes or so. I’m not disappointed that this match found its way onto the set, but it certainly does not showcase Eddy as a high flyer.
Match Rating: ***1/4


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