Vader vs. Sting from WCW 1994


This was for the vacant WCW International Heavyweight Championship.

It would be virtually impossible for these two to not have a good match together. The dynamic is too sound, and the chemistry is too strong.

There were a couple of a major issues with this match that make it pale in comparison to their awesome matches together for the big gold belt.

The fans did not really care about this one all that much. It sucked a lot of energy from the contest as a result.

They only cared about the match when the shenanigans reached ridiculously high levels. Ref bumps, chairshots from Harley Race, etc. It was all just too much, and timing of a number of those moments was off.

Oh well. This was still fun because of who was in the ring at least. Sting won with a Superfly Splash. (***)


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