Mike Awesome vs. JT Smith from ECW 1994


This was fucking fantastic. Yes, it was only two minutes long, but don’t let that length deceive you. They told a great story, had awesome action, and whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

JT Smith tried to jump the much larger Awesome during the latter’s ring introduction. That was logically the only thing he could do to give himself a chance.

Awesome did not take to that kindly and proceeded to destroy Smith. This culminated in one of the coolest dives ever. Awesome appeared to break Smith in half on a no-hands tope suicida against a guardrail.

Awesome took his time to finish Smith in the ring with a powerbomb, but Smith managed to steal the victory out from under him with a fruit roll-up. This was just absolutely fantastic.

Don’t let anyone tell you that a two-minute match can’t be great. Don’t let anyone tell you that Mike Awesome wasn’t one of the best wrestlers ever. Hell, even Joey Styles was great here, as he was still treated the product with respect and not overly depended on catch phrases and getting himself over. (****1/4)



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