Stan Hansen vs. Toshiaki Kawada from AJPW 1992

This was a 1992 Champion Carnival match.

This was absolutely incredible. It was one of the most grueling battles of this era so far which is really saying something. The whole thing felt like one giant brutal struggle.

Kawada came out firing early on. Hansen really could not get anything going so he resorted to a powerbomb on the floor and a body slam into the crowd. All that did though was force Kawada to get equally violent and destructive.

They kept fighting and mauling each other, and it seemed like Hansen was finally in a position to win. Kawada avoided one lariat so Hansen hit the folding powerbomb and then applied the Boston crab. Kawada survived, avoided another lariat attempt and then nearly won with a forearm out of nowhere. Kawada go sloppy though and unnecessarily bounced off the ropes which opened him up for a lariat that Hansen finally connected on.

This was some beautiful violence. (****1/2)


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