Bret Hart vs. Tiger Mask from WWF/AJPW 1990

Originally reviewed here.

April 13, 1990
Tokyo, Japan

Bret Hart vs. Tiger Mask
Mitsuharu Misawa was Tiger Mask at this point. This could be quite the match.

Tiger Mask went after Bret’s left arm in the early stages of the match. Bret just could not get anything going. Bret briefly came back for a minute or two, but Tiger Mask cut him off again. Bret eventually reversed a crucific pin attempt into a modified Samoan Slam and then made a comeback that included a scintillating chinlock. That did not last long though, and Tiger Mask hit a plancha. Tiger Mask went back after the left arm. Bret faked a knee injury and then cut off Tiger Mask with a clothesline. He worked Tiger Mask over for a while. Tiger Mask finally came back and hit a diving crossbody for a nearfall. The time limit expired just before Tiger Mask hit a running crossbody.

Well, this was a major disappointment. The pace was definitely worked at a “run out the clock” speed, and they did nothing of value with the extensive time they had. The arm work on Bret that went nowhere felt especially annoying.
Match Rating: *


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