Ric Flair vs. Road Warrior Hawk from MACW 1988

Originally reviewed here.

January 28, 1988
Uniondale, New York

Ric Flair© (w/JJ Dillon) vs. Road Warrior Hawk (w/Paul Ellering) [NWA World Heavyweight]

WWE warned us that there were issues in the original recording of this match. We’ll see how much that affects my experience.

Hawk obviously dominated the match at the beginning. This matchup actually seems quite good on paper, but I’m still surprised it’s a PPV world title match. Flair went for the eyes after a while, but it didn’t work. A low blow right in front of the referee did work though. Explanation? Flair then worked over Hawk. He targeted the left knee. He eventually applied the figure four, but Hawk reversed the pressure. Hawk then made a comeback, but he was a bit hobbled. REF FUCKING BUMP FFS. Hawk sent Flair over the top rope, but the ref was out. They got back in the ring. Hawk hit a superplex for a phantom pinfall. Dillon hit Hawk with a chair, Hawk went after Dillon. Flair hit Hawk in the head with the chair: 1…2…NO! Hawk then no-sold a suplex. FFS, Flair hit Hawk with a chair in front of the ref. DQ. Fuck this show.

The dynamic of this match was strong, and they should have had a really easy time having a good match. Instead, the overbooking kicked in when it mattered and then they had an absolutely awful finish. Just dumb booking.
Match Rating: **1/4

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