Nikita Koloff vs. Bobby Eaton from MACW 1988

Originally reviewed here.

January 28, 1988
Uniondale, New York

Nikita Koloff© vs. Bobby Eaton (w/Jim Cornette) [NWA World Television Championship]

Eaton and Cornette got heat for hugging each other, because homophobia. Koloff dominated for a while. Eaton used headlocks to slow Koloff down. The action spilled to the floor, and Koloff got the advantage briefly. Eaton poked him in the eye though and then worked Koloff over in the ring. He relied on the hammerlock for this heat segment. Koloff hit a couple of elbows and then hit the lariat. Windham came back with the Divorce Court though. More hammerlock. There are two minutes left in the time limit. One minute. 45 seconds. Koloff finally escaped the hammerlock. 30 seconds. Koloff fought back. 15 seconds. LARIAT. The time limit expired.

Cornette tried to save the match by taking bumps for Koloff’s glare after the match. Lane and Eaton attacked Koloff with the racket after that though.

Boo this match. They did nothing of note as soon as Eaton took control and that lasted for close to fifteen minutes I’d wager. Koloff’s lack of urgency in the final seconds also came across as really stupid.
Match Rating: DUD


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