Steve Williams vs. Barry Windham from MACW 1987

Originally reviewed here.

November 26, 1987
Chicago, Illinois

Steve Williams© vs. Barry Windham [UWF Heavyweight Championship]

The crowd did not have much patience for this one. The most notable thing to happen early on was Dr. Death doing a leapfrog but Windham ran into his dick. That knocked Dr. Death out of commission for a minute or so. They got back going, and Windham spilled to the floor on a failed crossbody attempt. Windham got back in the ring, but Williams caught him in a pinning combo: 1…2…3

Wow, this fell apart might fast and came off quite terribly when all was said and done. After the first few moments, you would think they were on their way to a good match. That was foolish thinking on my part. The story idea was that Windham gave Williams time to recover after he hurt his dick, but Williams didn’t give Windham time to recover after spilling to the floor. A neat idea, but it not make for a fun match! This is not what I want from pro wrestling.
Match Rating: ¼*


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