Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Taylor from MACW 1987

Originally reviewed here.

November 26, 1987
Chicago, Illinois

Nikita Koloff vs. Terry Taylor (w/Eddie Gilbert) [NWA World Television Championship/UWF Television Championship Unification Match]

Taylor could not get much going for a while. Koloff used an armbar to maintain control. Taylor retreated to the floor at one point, but Koloff went right back to work on the left arm. Taylor avoided the lariat, and Koloff crashed into a turnbuckle to cut himself off. Taylor then worked him over. Such an odd match. Taylor targeted the left arm in fact. I can dig that. Koloff fought back. Gilbert hit Koloff with a chair to the knee, but the cameraman missed it. Taylor then went after the injured knee. Figure four. Gilbert helped Taylor leverage the submission. Koloff survived though. Taylor accidentally knocked Gilbert off the apron. Lariat from Koloff: 1…2…3!!!

I thought the effort and intentions were good here, but they did not work a match that interests me much. Koloff worked over Taylor’s arm for at least ten minutes, and there was no real payoff to that in any substantive way. That’s just not in line with my tastes for wrestling. If you’re going to work a limb, conclude that story. Solid match with a fantastic finish nonetheless.
Match Rating: **1/2


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