Lex Luger vs. Dusty Rhodes from MACW 1987

Originally reviewed here.

November 26, 1987
Chicago, Illinois

Lex Luger (w/JJ Dillon) (c) vs. Dusty Rhodes (w/Johnny Weaver) [NWA United States Heavyweight Championship vs. Career Steel Cage Match]

Weaver has the keys to the cage at ringside.

Dusty had some success early on. Dillon did not look pleased at ringside. Dusty went for the Weaver Lock, but Luger got to the cage Dusty went for the Weaver Lock again, but Luger avoided it again. Dusty went after the left arm. Luger came back, and Dusty got busted open. Luger went for the Rack, but he could not get Dusty set. Luger went after the left arm. Dusty fought back with punches, an elbow, and a DDT. THE WEAVER LOCK. There was some tomfoolerly. Luger hit the ref, and Dillon threw a chair into the ring. DUSTY HIT A DDT ON THE CHAIR: 1…2…3! New champ!

The finish got over big, but there were not many highlights other than that. It seems like a lot of people found this match to be boring. I can understand that, and I can see myself getting sick of Dusty after a few more matches. However, I have never watched a ton of him in a row, and I can handle his methodical matches in small doses without being bored. Needless to say though, these two were not ideal opponents for each other.
Match Rating: **1/2


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